Challenge Wales – a unique big boat sailing experience in Wales

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Something Different is on the Welsh Horizon

The helmsman shouts ‘Ready About’, the crew members get into their positions in the cockpit and individually each one shouts’ Ready’. The tension builds as the boat heads towards the mark. The Skipper waits and then at the precise moment shouts ‘Ley-oh’.  The 54 ton yacht turns 90 degrees, the crew in the cockpit release and then pull the sheets in, balancing technique and speed with safety,  the sails then get trimmed. A crew member signals to the crew member on the yankee sheet to winch it in tighter, tighter, tighter. After a few moments of co-ordinated frantic-ness the boat settles into its stride.

Now you may be thinking that this is a scene from a professional yacthing crew enjoying the thrill of big boat sailing but in fact it is typical of a young persons activity on Challenge Wales where up until today none of the young people had stepped onto a boat, let alone sailed one.

That’s the thing with Challenge Wales, she takes you out of your comfort zone, puts you in a challenging situation, tests you and teaches you….the importance of teamwork, responsibility, understanding achievement and failure, respect for others, communication skills, leadership, managing group dynamics as well as developing self esteem and confidence.

Below deck Challenge Wales is certainly ship-shape. 18 bunks, a navigation area that looks like it should be in the Space Shuttle, a workable galley with saucepans three times the size of your biggest saucepan at home…and bigger again, and a saloon area for catching up with people, relaxing or a place to plan the next days sail.

Everyone is involved with catering; preparing, cooking and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Challenge Wales Catering Challenge is laid down….using the food you are given and a few little pointers you now need to cook for 18 people ensuring everyone gets fed but very little goes to waste.

So if you are wanting to try something new and understand the benefits of sail training then sounds like it is time to get in touch. We’re based in Penarth Marina, Cardiff Bay.

Tel: 029 20 220 266

Find us on twitter: @challengewales

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