Do you use the internet and search online? If you do then you can raise funds for Challenge Wales for free!

If you need to know something chances are you will ‘Google’ it. But now you can search online and help Challenge Wales receive much needed funds…even better when it doesn’t cost you anything and you are doing it already!

easysearch is a ‘super’ search engine, featuring the results from Yahoo!, Bing, and many more. This innovative approach makes easysearch perfect for individuals using the web at home or business use as the results are fast, accurate and relevant.

All you need to do is: Set as your home page on your pc so everytime you open your browser the search form is already there! Then use it when you need to search online for something.

If you are a business then as businesses make substantially more searches than individual supporters, and as every search will generate funds for Challenge Wales, the potential is fantastic.  Just asking your own company and the businesses you are involved with to use easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine when their employees search the web could dramatically increase the amount of funds you raise.  Just pass on the link: 

Did you know… EVERY TIME you search and a search result is clicked on, half a penny is raised for Challenge Wales. If you search 10 times a day..even for popular websites like facebook or bbc, and every Challenge Wales volunteer and supporter searched 10 times a day that would bring in a significant amount of funds.

Oh, and if you shop online whether regular or just for birthday’s and Christmas why not use Free to register, it can save you money as well as getting the retailers to give Challenge Wales a cashback donation at no cost to you!

It’s sometimes the small things which help!

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