Help with your email…from a little monkey

Quite a few people ask us about our email campaigns. And our answer is – it was like slipping on a banana skin…we just fell across an email provider and it was like a match made in marketing!

Like many charities and voluntary organisations communicating to our volunteers and supporters at the right time in the right way to get the right response was critical. Email is cheap but sending a mass communication through Outlook was somewhat of a big no-no, particularly as our database was starting to expand quite quickly.

And then, we literally did stumble upon Mailchimp. A free (up to a point) email provider which allows us the flexibility to create our own campaigns, manage lists and subscribe forms, test subject lines, edit pictures and offers the reporting functionality we need. It is easy for those who are new to email marketing but want to create a professional looking campaign.

After about 12 months of using Mailchimp, we have now revamped our email template and re-launched, what we think, is a cleaner, sharper and more visual email. With our open rates measuring higher than the industry average, our readers also seem happy with it too.

Go on, have a read of our newsletter and let us know what you think….and if you have a spare banana, throw one to the monkey!

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