Wave hello to the first weekend in June

By 10.00am this morning, it had been a busy old day already.

Challenge Wales had left its anchorage at Lundy Island and had started its sailing voyage back to Cardiff Bay. This weekend is a fundraising sailing trip with adults – a team building trip away.  Yesterday, again dolphins played with the bow of the boat and yet again those onboard felt honoured to see the playful pod in a natural environment. No matter how many times you see them it makes everyone smile and is often the ‘icing on the cake” of one of our sailing trips.

While Challenge Wales was making its way through the waves (albeit it little ones) of the  Bristol Channel, one of our volunteers was talking to the presenters of Wave Radio (now do you see the wave link?!). The Wave broadcasts to those in South West Wales including Swansea and many thanks to Badger and Claire for giving us the opportunity to have a chat with them.

Hopefully a few more people in South Wales got to hear what the Challenge Wales charity offers young people, how we can help finance young people’s groups and schools with a bursary, if eligible, and that our next fundraising trip is down to the Solent to take part in the Round the Island Race (perhaps the largest yacht race in the world with just under 2,000 boats and around 16,000 sailors taking part).  Oh, and we still have a couple of berths available if you are looking for a racing challenge and want to join us for Round the Island Race. Check out the sailing schedule on our website: www.challengewales.org for details and how to contact us.

So, we’ll wave goodbye to you for the moment and happy sailing to those out on the water.

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