16,000 sailors racing Round the Island – fancy it?

Fundraising is very close to our hearts, it’s our ‘keel’: it keeps us moving through the water.

And to help Challenge Wales raise funds we’ve teamed up with SailTime and for the first time Challenge Wales is joining 16,000 other sailors in Round the Island Race, Cowes.

For those who don’t know, Round the Island Race is one of the largest yacht races in the world regularly attracting just under 2,000 boats and around 16,000 sailors. On 25 June 2011, Challenge Wales – the 72-ft round-the-world yacht based in Penarth Marina will be on the start line and YOU could be there too.

Challenge Wales will not only be lining up alongside five other Challenge Yachts (the biggest reunion of Challenge yachts since the last BT Global Challenge Race in 2005) but will be starting the race alongside the entire Clipper fleet. So if you are looking for an exciting sailing race, or just the experience look no further than Challenge Wales.

Challenge Wales racing

Challenge Wales sailing on a fundraising trip...but this could be you!

So, how do I get involved, I hear you say!

You can take part in this fantastic yachting race (which includes  joining us on the 23rd June, a training day on the 24th and celebrations in Cowes after the race on 25th with departure on the 26th) for £500, we also need delivery crews to take the boat from Penarth to the Solent (departing 18 June) and from the Solent (departing 26 June) back to Cardiff. For those who are aged 18 -25 (and from Wales) we can subsidise this cost considerably through the Challenge Wales Bursary Scheme but you need to get in touch asap.

If you are wanting to join us for just the training and the race only (that is 2 days) then the cost is £300. This makes it easier for people wanting to join us on the Friday before the race rather than the Thursday!

Details of dates and costs are on the website: www.challengewales.org and click on the sailing schedule link.  A fuller itinerary is shown on the SailTime website. You can also email for details if interested.

And what sailing experience do I need?

No sailing experience is required, although some experience would be beneficial. The delivery trips are a great way to gain sailing experience or put seamiles under your belt, while the race will certainly be a competitive teamwork challenge. Remember, you can choose to do any of the legs and/or the race.

This is the first time Challenge Wales has taken part in the race and is being used not only as a fundraising event but to raise awareness of Challenge Wales and the young people’s work the Welsh charity undertakes.

If you are taking part in this sailing event and wish to be sponsored, helping to raise funds for Challenge Wales or wish to donate to Challenge Wales then check out our fundraising page.

Good Luck Everyone!

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