Goodbye to another Bristol Harbour Festival

The Bristol Harbour Festival, this weekend, was vibrantly buzzing with music, boats, entertainment, more boats and festivities. The chug chug of engines, the hissing of steam and the tapping of water from the paddles of canoes and a dragon boat meant ample activities for everyone.

Challenge Wales returned to the Bristol Harbour Festival this year, unable to attend last year due to other commitments, but again was warmley welcomed…even a guest appearance of the Mayor and Mayoress of Bristol was in order on Saturday.

Sailing, well motoring, up the River Avon under the Clifton Suspension Bridge was a fantastic experience for the group of young Air Cadets who were onboard to deliver the boat to the Festival. For them it brought an end to a personal development learning adventure they had been on.

Over the Harbour Festival weekend, Challenge Wales volunteers ran guided free tours of the yacht, giving at least a couple of hundred people the opportunity to learn about the Welsh sail training charity, learn about her historic racing pedigree and how they can get involved and support the charity just by coming sailing…and of course there were many more who saw the boat from the water’s edge.  We even managed a brief tweet-up!

So, as another Bristol Harbour Festival has been and gone (in fact it was it’s 40th anniversary!)  and we look forward to the end of August and attending the Cardiff Harbour Festival we hope that Bristol will have us back next year. Well done Bristol for a lovely weekend, shame you didn’t have the fireworks on the Saturday evening which would have been the icing on the cake, but maybe next year?

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