Jump onboard (literally) at the 2011 Southampton Boat Show

For an unprecedented second year, Challenge Wales is an exhibition boat at the PSP Southampton Boat Show. This is an excellent opportunity for the South Wales based youth sailing charity to be seen at a high-profile marine event, enabling many visitors to learn about the Welsh sail training charity, experiences offered to young people (aged 12 – 25 years) and opportunities for becoming volunteer crew.

This is a fantastic opportunity which the Challenge Wales charity is very grateful for (so thanks National Boat shows…again) and although the ocean-going racer is only on show for two days, Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 Sep 2011 on berth M542, (the boat show is running from 16 to 25 September) Challenge Wales will be making the most of its presence there.

In addition to raising awareness of the charity, Challenge Wales also uses opportunities like this to fundraise, by selling berths onboard the vessel for the delivery trip from Cardiff to Southampton and back again which helps fund the charity and create a bursary for young people. With a milebuilder trip direct into the Southampton Boat Show what better way to add seamiles and gain big boat experience. Even better, you can purchase your new sailing kit at the show and then put it to the test by sailing Challenge Wales back to Cardiff Bay! 

So if you are about at the show and you see us (you will probably see our impressive wooden boarding steps dominating the pontoon before you see the boat!) come and say hello, talk to us about our youth-led activities or of course give us a tweet (@ChallengeWales).

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