Small Ships Race brings Welsh young people together

It has been a busy year for Challenge Wales and, as still a very young charity, that has enabled us to start focusing more on the future. 

So as a pinnacle of our 2011 young persons sailing activity we wondered what we should do. 

We knew the ASTO (Association of Sail Training Organisations) Small Ships Race in Cowes on Saturday 01 October 2011 would be a fantastic opportunity for young people so when we had the opportunity to attend the Southampton Boat Show it made sense to justify the trip down, and grab the second opportunity, to also include the Small Ships Race which would be starting a week and a bit later in our calendar. 

The round-the-cans Small Ships Race is popular on the sail training circuit and gives crew and young people sailing on Challenge Wales the opportunity to meet likeminded young people & organisations and of course to race against the ‘Challenge’ sister yachts. 

A first for Challenge Wales, the young people selected  to sail on Challenge Wales for the race (which also includes pre-race familiarisation and training days and post-race activity giving them a total of 4 days onboard) will bring together young people from different organisations and backgrounds as well as individuals from different Welsh counties – A truly eclectic social mix. 

For all the young people onboard it will mean working as a team to achieve a common goal in what could be challenging situations, there may be successes and there may be failures but everyone including the Challenge Wales crew will be in it together.

 Good luck and safe sailing.

Sail training on Challenge Wales

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