A look back over a busy week…

It is only when we look back that we realise how busy we have been and how much work we will be doing moving forwards…

No week is the same at the Challenge Wales hub!  If you  think that Challenge Wales slows down during the winter months…then think again! Sometime we are busier off the water than on. 

Looking back a couple of weeks ago, Saturday 06 November, Challenge Wales was fully booked with guests on a fundraising big boat sailing, Challenge Experience, day. With Challenge Wales being away from Cardiff Bay for a few weeks (due to sail training activities in the Solent and the Southampton Boat Show) and a short break in sailing, it was time to hit the water again and great fun was had by all. Confirmed not just by the thank you’s when people left but by the thank you emails and phone calls that followed the next day.

The next day, Sunday 07 November, volunteers turned up at the quay side with enthusiasm brimming over ready to undertake the first ‘Autumn/Winter’ volunteer training day. Experienced volunteers learnt some of the more intricate workings of the boat below deck, while new volunteers learnt  the basics, before locking out of Cardiff Bay. We also had the pleasure of having a Cardiff University Journalist onboard taking notes and scribbles and capturing tales told by one of our volunteers…and here’s the article if you’re interested 

On the following Tuesday, Challenge Wales hosted a Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services meeting. Twelve people crammed themselves into the salon onboard. A new group of people to meet with, all of which have links with young people and even the tour of the boat went down well. 

The Wednesday was Ship Shape Day….just like most Wednesday’s when the boat isn’t out sailing. Maintenance, stock checking, moving sails around… and in this case it was moving the boat to the other side of Cardiff Bay for a mainsail change. Thanks to the five volunteers who had the energy to manoeveur the sail and swap it out. 

On the Thursday Challenge Wales exhibited at the Communities First Exhibition in Cardiff. An excellent day, networking with other organisations and discussing partnership working. Lots of interest in Challenge Wales which meant on Friday we spent the day starting to work through all the leads.

And here we are again, back at Saturday and the second Autumn/Winter Volunteer training day. Each week will come and go just as quickly but we always find that each week gives us new experiences and puts us in touch with new people and we also leave the Challenge Wales feel good factor with you too!

 Happy Sailing everyone.

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One Response to A look back over a busy week…

  1. Scott Williams says:

    updated website and new images all look great – well done

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