Ireland to Challenge Wales in Six Nations Action

After Wales beat Ireland in the 2011 Rugby World Club, here at the Challenge Wales hub in Cardiff we are sure that Ireland will be wanting to get their own back in February 2012 when they come head to head again in the Six Nations clash.

No doubt tension in the dressing room will be high and will explode on the pitch but whatever the outcome the Ireland Wales Six Nations atmosphere that goes with the game cannot be matched anywhere. Where else do you see people wearing daffodil heads giving a cheeky smile to a group of six-foot leprechauns.

If you fancy taking onboard the Ireland Wales atmosphere in Dublin next year then jumping onboard Challenge Wales and sailing right into the heart of Dublin and the Six Nations atmosphere could be right up your street. Yes, the weather could be unpredictable..but that’s what makes it exhilarating. Yes, you could get wet…but you’ll get wet in Wales in February with all the rain. Yes, you will have great food onboard…and we’ll keep you well fed, Yes, you will be on watch and having a few hours sleep before getting up again for a few hours and then back to bed again… but what better way to land in Ireland on Wales’ flagship sail training vessel and feeling that you have deserved that home grown pint of Guinness.

The Six Nations Challenge Wales Dublin Dash is one of our most exciting adult fundraising trips for 2012…well apart from all the other trips we are doing; so do your bit for charity and have mega fun in the process and for many this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Are you ready to tackle your next Challenge in life?! C’mon Wales!
If you are, check out our sailing schedule on our website for details of dates and prices!

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