Volunteering… with a paint brush

Challenge Wales volunteers help with maintenance

Challenge Wales volunteers help with maintenance

You don’t need to be a sailor to volunteer with Challenge Wales. In fact, quite a lot of our volunteers get involved as they believe in what the charity is aiming to achieve and have a wide mix of business and personal skills.

The last couple of weeks volunteers have been involved in maintenance activities which has meant Challenge Wales has been away from her home of Cardiff Bay and been a visitor at Lymington Marina in the Solent. The 5-year survey of Challenge Wales involves lifting her out of the water and with no where in the Bristol Channel (or Wales, in fact) to do this, the South Coast it was.

Around 20 volunteers have given up hundreds of hours of their time over the last couple of weeks to help. Lots of jobs to be done but the biggest was preparing, painting and anti-fouling the bottom of Challenge Wales. It wasn’t quite a Picasso, Renoir or Harris (as in Rolf) but the paint was still lovingly applied with enthusiasm.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

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