The Challenge Wales Busary Fund can make a big difference….

We get a lot of questions about the Challenge Wales Bursary Fund. Some people ask if they can tap into it, some people say they don’t know about it, some people think they are automatically not eligible for it, some people think it is only available on particular voyages, (pause for breath!) some people think it is only available for individuals and not groups, some people think it may not be available for them if they are taking part in their DofE Gold Residential or are in full time employment.

So, let’s set the record straight.

The Challenge Wales bursary fund is there to help young people who are aged between 12 – 25 to take part in sail training activities with us. This could be on any voyage, of any duration for individuals or groups – Simple!

Different restrictions are placed on the bursary fund depending on where the funding has come from and any trusts we receive funding from advise us that we can only use the funds in particular ways. At the moment all Welsh residents aged 12 – 25 can access our bursary fund however, in the past for some of our youth races we have received additional bursary funding to help all young people (regardless of where they are resident), so it is always worth enquiring.

Due to some additional bursary funding becoming available Challenge Wales can reduce the costs for all young people aged 18 – 25 years (regardless of where they are resident) for the Lyver Trophy race at the beginning of July. We’ve also been able to include an optional couple of days at the beginning of this voyage free of charge to make the voyage more accessible. This is the perfect example of where additional bursary funding is channelled directly to the young people. So it is always worth checking our website or getting in touch to ask about any funding opportunities. When there is additional bursary funding available these voyages can get booked up more quickly so get in touch as soon as you can. Again, if you are not sure what is available please pick up the phone or email us.

For groups, the bursary funding can be the match-funding they are looking for when putting in funding bids. At the moment this is currently only available for those groups that are based in any part of Wales or UK groups that have a regional office in Wales. This match-funding can be very valuable to youth groups.

All we ask in return, is that people spread the word about our bursary fund and after you have tapped into it to provide Challenge Wales with a thank you letter and a short report on your voyage so that we can pass it on to the trusts who have provided our bursary funding.

It’s all quite simple really and a fantastic opportunity to utilise!

…and if you are 12 – 25 years, we hope to see you onboard soon.

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One Response to The Challenge Wales Busary Fund can make a big difference….

  1. Yacht Owner says:

    Fantastic, all for a wonderful cause!

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