GCSE and A-Level results – what next?

It’s that time of the year when league tables become the talking point and students start comparing their exam results. Yet again, the national newspapers are quick to shout out headlines that say teaching standards are falling, exams are getting easier, top grades being awarded were lower than last year for any number of reasons but putting all that aside, what happens if you didn’t get the GCSE or A-Level results that you were hoping for? Maybe you didn’t get the exam results you needed at college or university and now you are wondering……what next?

Richard Branson in his blog ‘Forget exam results’ recently talked about “forgetting exam results and thinking about what you want to do with your life, and going for it.” Saying  “…this could be going back to college or starting your own business as an entrepreneur.”

Yes, those are certainly options but for some people going back to college may not be an option, just yet, and having an entrepreneurial mind  brimming with business ideas of all shapes, sizes and obscurity might be towards the end of a spectrum that you (personally think) haven’t even got to the middle of. So then what?

But there are other skills that can help you succeed, enabling you to grow to your full potential, broaden your horizons and can help you get back into school, college, into training and into employment enabling you, as Branson has said in his blog”…[to] think about your life and go for it!”

To succeed in business you need to be able to communicate effectively, take responsibility for what you do, drive towards positive results and achievements, understand failure and learn from it, make important decisions, plan and reflect. That is what sail training is all about (learning life skills through sailing) and what we aim to achieve on the sailing vessel Challenge Wales. Gaining these essential life skills can certainly help your own personal road to success whatever that route is and whichever direction you want to head in…..making anything possible!

What do you think Mr Branson?

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