The Final Countdown – 1 day to go

It has been a busy week at Challenge Wales and we have had some fantastic support for our ITV People’s Millions campaign.

On Monday 25 November (yes, tomorrow) the Challenge Wales youth sailing charity has the opportunity to win £50,000 of lottery funding enabling it to work with visually impaired and blind young people in Wales – providing some much needed equipment and additional support to visually impaired youngsters. So it has been a busy week of filming an appeal with ITV Wales and raising awareness of why Challenge Wales wants to win this funding.

We had a fab time last week filming with ITV weatherman James Wright, shame he didn’t bring more wind with him for sailing but we managed to film some personal and heart warming interviews with young people who have enjoyed their experience onboard this summer.

Challenge Wales filming day for ITV People's Millions Award

Challenge Wales filming day for ITV People’s Millions Award


Thanks to the companies who have designed our leaflets/banners, printed our leaflets and produced our banners free of charge for us to help us promote our lottery bid. Big thanks to the volunteers who have been out and about talking to people, sticking up posters and helping us to get the Challenge Wales message across. We are also grateful to businesses and organisations local to Cardiff and further afield who have been able to support us.


Posters and leaflets to help raise awareness of our lottery bid

Posters and leaflets to help raise awareness of our lottery bid designed and produced free of charge by local companies

If you want to see our ITV appeal you will need to wait until the 6.00pm ITV Wales News on Monday 25 November (we hope to have an online version at the same time).  However, if you want to vote for us you can do that, up to 10 times from any one phone number, from 9.00am tomorrow when voting lines open. The number will be available on the People’s Millions website: and through our social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter plus through this blog.

The countdown has almost finished….will you vote for us?

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