Commonwealth Games on the horizon for Challenge Wales

As Wales prepares for the Queen’s baton to arrive  (today) and the start of the Commonwealth Games gets closer, Challenge Wales is also preparing….to follow the baton all the way to Glasgow.

Here at the Challenge Wales office we get very excited about big events….like the Olympics….like the 50th birthday of Doctor Who (believe me the Challenge Wales boat does seem bigger on the inside)…like Tall Ships events and like the Commonwealth Games.

But why? we hear you say.

Quite a few of Challenge Wales’ residential youth sail training voyages have a focus on events, and these are often the icing-on-the-cake to our voyages – being able to get immersed in an atmosphere which can motivate and inspire young people and crew. We’re not just about sailing. We learn about different cultures and different people, we have fun, share stories and make memories which can help people grow as individuals. Of course the learning about teamwork, developing communication skills and building self-confidence is all part of it too.

This year we are excited to be part of the Commonwealth Flotilla. We’ll be sailing from Wales up to the Greenock, before heading up the Clyde, and sailing (well motoring) into Glasgow into the heart of the Commonwealth Games…and it is something that young people (aged 16 – 25  years) can join us for and be part of!

Float your boat at the Commonwealth Flotilla, image from RYA Scotland

The above image, from the RYA Scotland, sums it up. We’re not just sailing, we’re becoming part of something special.

To find out more about the residential sail training opportunities on Challenge Wales visit or call 029 20 220 266. Different bursaries are available (from 50 – 100%) for those aged 16 – 25 to subside a variety of voyages subject to availability/eligibility.



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