Christmas Gifts ; Think different – Our top 4 presents

So, it is that time of the year. Christmas trees start to take over streets, twinkling from their owners living rooms and increasing in numbers as the big day gets nearer. We wake up each day to see if there is a shiny layer of frost or if that particular type of ‘snow-sky’ threatens.  Then there is that little issue of what present to buy for whom….and then there’s the person who either has everything or don’t know what they want!

So, for those who haven’t bought their Christmas presents we’ve rounded up something a little bit different;

1) Sail and Curry Festive Sail on Wales’ Tall Ship
What is it: A big boat sailing day on Challenge Wales,  the 72-ft round the world yacht and Wales’ Tall Ship….with a sit down onboard curry provided (and it won’t be turkey!)
When: This is a festive fundraiser and is on Sunday 28 December 2014, from Penarth Marina (Cardiff Bay)
What will happen: You get the opportunity to helm the boat, hoist the sails and get involved in all aspects of sailing….or you can sit back and enjoy being outdoors. It will be cold so wrap up warm. We provide you with waterproof trousers and jackets to keep you warm and dry, lifejackets and all food. It will be lots of fun
Suited for: Perfect for anyone between 16 and 75! Individuals, couples or friends. No sailing experience is necessary. Ideal for someone looking for something different, memorable and fun.
What will it cost: £99 (including curry meal)

Big boat sailing on Challenge Wales

Big boat sailing on Challenge Wales

2) Challenge Wales Gift Box
What is it: A gift voucher for one of our sailing days, presented in a box which when opened features a set of scrolls with details of the sailing day, plus a free knots chart.
When: The voucher is valid for 12 months and can be used against any Challenge Wales voyage (subject to age restrictions)
Suited for: Ideal for anyone between 16 and 75. No sailing experience is necessary. Ideal for those who want to try something new or improve their current sailing knowledge.
What will it cost: £100
But if you wish to take a standard card gift voucher this will be £95 (but you won’t get the posh box)

3) The Gift of Volunteering

What is it: The opportunity to become one of the Challenge Wales crew
When: To volunteer as crew you need to have sailed with us on one of our sailing days as shown on our sailing schedule. Any of our adult sailing voyages are suitable
Suited for: Ideal for anyone over 18 years looking to support a youth charity “Challenge Wales”, looking to enhance their CV, looking to give something back or looking to develop leadership and teamwork skills.
What will it cost: As any of our voyages are suitable for potential volunteers, in which they have their skills and teamwork abilities assessed, the cost is usually the cost of a sailing day £95. The sail and curry voyage at £99 also counts.
Anything else?: Have a read of our volunteering section of our website for full details as an annual commitment of a few days is required each year.

4) Charity 2015 Calendar
What is it: A beautifully collated calendar of wildlife, seascapes and landscapes taken either onboard Challenge Wales or of Challenge Wales during the past five years.
Suited for: Those looking for a stocking filler
What will it cost: The calendar costs just £10 plus postage.

Challenge Wales 2015 Calendar

To purchase any of the above, visit, email the office with your query or give us a call on 029 20 220 266. The calendar, Sail and Curry voyage and Gift Box can be purchased directly from our online shop.

The Challenge Wales charity runs Wales’ Tall Ship and sail training vessel working with young people from Wales and beyond to develop their skills. Our adult fundraising voyages, gifts and calendar enables the charity to grow its bursary scheme and to subsidise young people to jump onboard. Sail and Curry voyage and other big boat sailing days during the winter will depart from Penarth Marina (nr Cardiff Bay).

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