A painting break with a difference; no artists in sight!

Artists spend hours and hours painting their masterpieces and we’ve been doing the same….well hours and hours of painting but it is perhaps not quite the masterpiece you were expecting.

Litres and litres of [donated] paint have been used to paint the bottom of Challenge Wales, Wales’ Tall Ship and volunteers have been playing their part in doing all the work.

Painting 3

However, we are sure Picasso didn’t have to worry about sanding, or a canvas as big as ours, before getting the paintbrush out. We couldn’t have asked for better weather (it was dry at least), and luckily we had a few volunteers with elbow grease (literally….and lots of it) to sand and prep before the first coat of anti-fouling went on.

Painting 1

As a volunteer-run charity, we have relied on volunteers to not just do all the work on the boat but also to sail the boat to and from Lymington….and this also gives a sailing opportunity for novices or experienced sailors to join us; to race a round-the-world yacht, to gain sailing experience, to sail with us as a milebuilder and to try something different.

Big, big  thanks to the volunteers that have helped with all the hard work and who have put lots of long hours…and long days into this! Volunteers are now collectively finishing off their masterpiece, putting another coat of paint on, touching up the edges, stepping back and admiring their work before she gets put back into the water towards the end of the week.

Challenge Wales will depart Lymington on Saturday 18th April sailing non-stop to Cardiff arriving back late on Monday 20th April. If you are over 18 years and would like to join us (regardless of your experience) then you can. The 3-day voyage is £150 with food/refreshments/waterproofs included. Contact the office here for more details or visit www.challengewales.org


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