Bringing out the best in people…it’s Round the Island Race

It’s that time of year when Challenge Wales heads to the South Coast, sailed there by young people. We’ve already had a busy few months sail training, working with different types of young people and groups. Learning how to work with other people, working in close confines, cooking, cleaning, learning how to reflect on one’s actions – it’s all part of sail training and key to helping young people develop. But now it’s time for something different….

We’re heading to the South Coast to take part in Round the Island Race, a race around the Isle of Wight, and one of the largest yacht races in the world. With over 1,500 boats set to take the start line and over 16,000 sailors (from novices to experienced) taking part, it is a spectacle in itself and an exciting one at that.
The Boat-Challenge Wales on the rail

Round the Island Race is also a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to do something different, take on a personal challenge or for those with a hidden (or not so hidden) competitive streak. It becomes our adult fundraising voyage – we take things seriously with a splash of Challenge Wales enthusiasm and camaraderie. And, did you know Challenge Wales is currently the record holder for Round the Island Race for the Challenge Fleet?

Challenge Wales getting ready to race in Round the Island Race (photo credit: Patrick Eden)

Challenge Wales getting ready to race in Round the Island Race (photo credit: Patrick Eden)

For Challenge Wales, taking part is not about having everyone experienced onboard but giving anyone the chance to do something they’ve always wanted to do. A training day on the water before the race helps to develop the well-oiled team. The crew (yes, that could be you) work together as a team, understand what they need to do when instructions are given, learn about how to maximise the speed of the boat and celebrate the success of doing things right and doing it well. The social element of Round the Island race means that the combination of the on and off-water activities brings out the best in people and provides a fantastic lasting memory.
So, looking to do something different this weekend? Come and join us!

If you want to race a round-the-world yacht in Round the Island Race, there are still a few berths available for Round the Island Race on Challenge Wales. We offer a competitive package at £350 which includes joining at leisure anytime during the afternoon/evening on Thursday 25th June in  Gosport, a training day on 26th June, race day on 27th June and depart 28th June, 3 nights accommodation, food/refreshments while sailing and waterproof trousers and jackets. It’s ideal for those looking for the excitement and fun of a major sailing event and no experience is needed to join us, though if you do have some we’ll put it to good use!

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