Yay, a Big Lottery Fund award will make a big difference to Challenge Wales!

We’ve been working for a long time at Challenge Wales Towers (our office!) on a lottery bid and it has just been announced that we were successful. This means that we will have almost £250,000 to enable us to work with more young people locally and further afield over the next three years.

The ‘Voyages of Discovery‘ project will enable Challenge Wales to work with 400 young people who will be learning employability skills on accredited day and residential voyages. Learning how to work as a team, having communication skills and self-confidence are vital for anyone wanting to do well in the work-place and these voyages will develop not just these skills but also decision-making and planning, responsibility, respect for others and give everyone the further opportunity to reflect and learn from their experiences.

One hundred volunteers will also benefit from additional training and support plus the funding will enable the creation of a part-time Education Officer role to be created.

Challenge Wales group activity

It’s a thumbs up from young people sail training on Challenge Wales 

Challenge Wales already works with a variety of young people: from those that are in school to those that aren’t, from those that are in employment to those who aren’t, from individuals wanting to challenge themselves or try out a new experience to groups who don’t often have those opportunities. The ‘Voyages of Discovery’ project will work with a range of young people under 26 years and is particularly linking in with Local Authority Strategic Plans and the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty Action Plan.

This funding will make a huge difference to many young people and we just can’t wait to set sail on this project.


Young people aged 12 – 26 years can take part in sail training activities on Challenge Wales regardless of their background and a bursary fund is available to those eligible to help those who need additional financial help to jump onboard. Adults aged 18 – 75 years can take part in adult big boat sailing days and voyages which help fundraise for the charity. The Voyages of Discovery project will be particularly working with disadvantaged and marginalised groups. Anyone interested in being part of this project, volunteering, adult voyages or other sail training voyages can get in touch by emailing the office or calling 029 20 704657


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