What price do you put on a life-changing experience?

Having the right skills to do a job are essential – whether a hairdresser, construction worker, accountant, coffee-shop manager..to name a few. Having the right skills to get a job and to have the life you want are critical.

Being able to work as a team, being able to manage your time, being able to take responsibility for your actions, being able to communicate in the right way, having confidence, being able to make decisions, learn from feedback to improve…these are skills that a classroom cannot always teach but life-experiences can. But when you are just starting out in the big wide world how can you get these experiences and CV-enhancing skills.

As a sailing charity working with a variety of people we have had the opportunity to be part of the lives of young people who come from a variety of backgrounds. Whether someone is autistic or blind, unemployed or working, a youth offender or university graduate we’ve met almost 2,000 young people who have their own life-story to tell.  We’ve also seen young people who have been in the classroom learning about the skills they need and in trying to develop them, they’ve come out the other end as a tick box and a number for the learning provider, yet struggling in the real-world.

A recent five-day residential voyage onboard Challenge Wales with a group of young people, all strangers to each other, took the classroom outdoors and helped teach practical life-skills. Time-keeping, teamwork, planning, reflection, social skills, relationship and confidence building – taught in a real-life situation that was at some times challenging!

Sail training is not all that it seems

Sail training is not all that it seems

The results after the voyage speak for themselves; “Completely changed ‘John’ it has given him a sense of attainment , he has found new confidence and is flourishing personally . He used to be on the X box all night but is now looking for new challenges and opportunities  – the opportunity had a life-changing impact”

Learning the ropes

Learning the ropes

As many people have said;” It is not where you come from that matters, it is where you are going” Once those young people have started to find their confidence and grow their skills  – the world can be their oyster. Is there a price you can put on that?

Challenge Wales | Wales’ Tall Ship offers personal and social development voyages for young people as well as leadership and teambuilding for adults. Bursary funding is available to help assist as many young people as possible to access this service but is currently subject to the funds that are available at the time.

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