Are you a Diamond Challenger?

The DofE (Duke of Edinburgh’s Award) is often associated with young people , and yes, we have many young people taking part in their DofE Gold Residential jumping onboard Challenge Wales. But this year is different as the scheme has been widened to celebrate the DofE Diamond Anniversary.

The DofE is asking people to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime DofE inspired Diamond Challenge whether as a team or on your own, now is your chance to take the challenge and challenge yourself personally, go on an adventure or learn a new skill. 

The Diamond Challenge is perfect for those who might have done their DofE many years ago but also to those who haven’t been involved with the scheme before and are over 24 years (so not eligible to take part in the standard DofE). A minimum of £60 needs to be fundraised for the DofE when you sign up.

Broaden your horizons: Have an adventure, learn a new skill, or take a personal challenge

Broaden your horizons: Have an adventure, learn a new skill, or take a personal challenge

Those looking to do the Diamond Challenge might be wanting to tick something off their bucket list, do something family orientated or find something to do where no experience is necessary and can be done with one or more people.

With ‘Challenge’ in our name and having helped many young DofE participants take part in this recognised scheme, we are keen to welcome any Diamond Challengers onboard. Wanting to take the personal Challenge then you can race a round-the-world yacht in one of the world’s most iconic races against over 1,000 other boats. Yes, race in Round the Island Race on Challenge Wales and tick it off your bucket list.
Wanting to take part on an adventure? Then sail Challenge Wales from Spain to the UK, across the Bay of Biscay in one of her most exciting adventures yet! As no sailing experience is necessary to take part these make the perfect Diamond Challenges.

What’s your Diamond Challenge going to be?

Visit; for more details of the Diamond Challenge.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a charity that has been helping young people since 1956, who can get involved at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels taking part in activities that Challenge them and help improve their lifeskills.

Challenge Wales has a couple of voyages this summer which are suitable for those doing the DofE Diamond Challenge, for those looking to do a personal challenge, an adventure challenge or learn a new skill. To find out more contact Challenge Wales on 029 20 704 657, check out the sailing voyages on  or email the Challenge Wales team.

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One Response to Are you a Diamond Challenger?

  1. essiep says:

    I did mine recently. Four of us climbed the In-Pinn and then the National 3 Peaks. We couldn’t decide which to do, so did both events.

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