Challenge Wales set to return to Cardiff Bay

After being away for over 60 days, and having sailed almost 4,000 miles on her most epic young persons adventure yet, Challenge Wales | Wales’ Tall Ship is set to return to her home port of Penarth / Cardiff Bay on Saturday 27th August, just in time for being the feature boat at the Cardiff Harbour Festival.

Challenge Wales moored in Mermaid Quay on display

Challenge Wales moored in Mermaid Quay on display

In her previous life, Challenge Wales had sailed the oceans and had many exciting adventures as she sailed around the world, twice. Now, her activity is focused on young people and youth work  mainly around Wales as Wales’ Tall Ship and sail training vessel but this summer saw her going the furthest she has ever gone as Challenge Wales to Southern Spain for Tall Ships racing with other young people from all over the world.

Tall Ships spectacle

Tall Ships spectacle – Challenge Wales is there and in these events is one of the smallest boats taking part

During her summer adventures, Challenge Wales visited Southern Spain, Portugal, Northern Spain and Belgium. Young people onboard got to experience the magic of dolphins swimming with the boat, seeing whales, racing against the spectacular Tall Ships and meeting young people from all over the world.  After each Tall Ships Race all the crews from the boats paraded through the streets of the host port, representing their countries and we were certainly proud to represent Wales in what is one of the largest events in Europe.

Representing Wales in the Tall Ships Races

If you want to take part in our 2017 adventures, our fundraising adult voyages, fancy being a volunteer crew person or just want to see how up to 18 people have lived onboard Challenge Wales during the summer then jump aboard at the Cardiff Harbour Festival for a free tour.

The Cardiff Harbour Festival is Sunday 28th August and Monday 29th August 2016. Free tours are being offered by Challenge Wales volunteers from 11am each day where people of all ages can jump aboard.  If you want to wave Challenge Wales back into Cardiff and want to check when Challenge Wales is returning to Penarth/Cardiff visit and do a vessel search for Challenge Wales. She is trackable while she is close to land but may lose signal temporarily as she crosses from the English to the Welsh coast.


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