Bursary Fund

Challenge Wales aims to support as many young people (aged 12 – 25 years) to come sail training with us regardless of their background. The funders which provide these funds have very strict guidelines on who the funding can be used by and how it is used, therefore sometimes you may be eligible for funding and others not. Sometimes our bursary fund may increase on some voyages. Some funding will be for UK residents, some for non UK residents while others are specific to Welsh residents.

Anyone receiving any bursary funding or support through Challenge Wales needs to write a thank you letter to us after the voyage, for us to provide to the funders and a report and photos about their voyage.

If you do need additional support then please contact us on 029 20 704 657, email us or fill in the contact form below. Check below to see what funds we have, perhaps you know someone who might benefit?

Challenge Wales Bursary Fund: This is an ongoing bursary fund (while funds are available) to UK residents aged 12 – 25 years on all voyages. This can help subsidise young people (as individuals OR as groups) by 50%. On some voyages, and in some circumstances for deserving young people this may increase up to 90%.

Sultan of Oman Fund: If you are joining Challenge Wales on any one of the Tall Ships Legs this year then you can apply for the €500 bursary. This is on a first come first serve basis so you need to apply as soon as you can in 2017. It is likely that this fund will be allocated well before the start of the Tall Ships Races 2017. Challenge Wales is an Oman Bursary Approved Vessel, read more here.



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